Candid Conversations

Posted on March 04, 2021

A managing director had a candid conversation with one of his underperforming team members. The employee handed in his notice shortly thereafter.

Averaging only 50 percent of budget, a sales manager was told his performance was unacceptable. The business owner explained he would do everything to help him, part of which was my coaching him. He fully committed, doubling his sales volume over the subsequent 12-months.

Another company was experiencing multiple issues in one of its divisions. The causes all seemed to originate from the related supervisor of which I candidly expressed to him. He said he enjoyed working with the company but was over the responsibilities that came with the role. We changed his position, his happiness and engagement returned and the divisional problems self-corrected.

When there’s a situation, deal with it. If we put our head in the sand and hope things will get better, it conveys to the employee (and the wider team) that sub-par work is acceptable and that management is weak. Also, try to approach it without prejudging. Have the candid conversation and let the situation unfold. If you take a supportive stance, you have a chance of changing things for everyone’s best - whether they buy in or jump out.

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