Merry Christmas and Reflection Thoughts

Posted on December 14, 2015

Firstly I would like to wish you a merry Christmas and a refreshing break over the New Year. I trust it is a replenishing time for you. As this time of year lends itself quite easily to a period of reflection, I have provided some questions to entertain over the holiday season in relation to the year that has been. I find that we often get caught in looking at the lack in our lives rather than supply - what went wrong rather than what went well. Here are the supply questions...
  • what did you do well? Where were you successful? Did you spend more time with your children; save more money; be kinder to your co-workers?
  • how are your relationships better off?
  • what are the key things you have learned and integrated into your life?
  • what fun things did you do?
  • what new disciplines did you develop?
  • where have you travelled?
  • who has contributed to your world this year? Who are you grateful for? (think of sending a note to these people expressing your gratitude).
  • how you are you stronger, mentally, physically, emotionally?
  • how are you different to this time last year?
Looking at the supply side of life doesn't negate the work required on strengthening ourselves. However, when we see ourselves in light of our successes and strengths we are more able to make the changes that both ourselves, co-workers, significant others, family etc. would like to see. In a paradoxical way, the best way to deal with issues, strengthen weaknesses and create disciplines is to come from the perspective of celebrating who we are already - thus looking at the supply side first. Here are some considerations to reflect upon:
  • what areas do I need to strengthen this year? (This can relate to health, business, financial, relational, spiritual, intellectual etc.)
  • write your story. Begin with "It is now the end of 2016 and this past year has seen me grow in.... master the area of .... give up.... ." Write your story and place it somewhere that you can review it daily. When we own something mentally and emotionally there is a higher chance of converting from the ideal to the real.
  • if I could do one thing this year that would have a significant impact on other areas, what would that one thing be?
Again, all the best for the Christmas season and looking forward to the 2016 journey with you. Ray

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