Beating Restrictions

Posted on August 26, 2021

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My sister recounted the story of wondering why her son, when in his teens, was tired every morning. It was years later they understood why.

To restrict late hour gaming activities they would switch the internet off and then activate the laser motion-detector. If he tried to switch the internet back on the alarm would alert them, or so they thought. My nephew, being the clever rascal he was, found that if he crawled on his belly along the floor, he could fly under the radar undetected.

When we have strategic destinations we want to arrive at or goals we want to achieve, it's too easy to allow self-imposed or externally influenced/enforced restrictions to stop us in our tracks. We resign ourselves to "this is how it is" and never seek to find a way through it, or in my nephew's case, under it.

I'm not encouraging you to break the law, but I am suggesting that when restrictions arise, take time to think creatively so as to find a way to flick the switch on to achieve your goals and dreams. And, as my nephew demonstrated, in heavily restricted situations, a crawl is definitely better than a walk.

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