A Fresh Start

Posted on July 02, 2019

A new year is a wonderful time to put to bed the old and focus on the new; and for many, contains an optimistic momentum. We see, as if from a freshly scaled summit, the possibilities that lie before us. While January 1 tends to be the highest of mountains, the start of a new financial year has a similarity about it for business owners and for those who have financial responsibility. Daniel Pink, in his book When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing references the first day of the year as what social scientists refer to as "temporal landmarks" and how certain dates operate in a manner to help us navigate through time, just as physical landmarks assist us in getting from one location to another. About certain dates he says, "They stand out from the ceaseless march of other days, and their prominence helps us find our way." I suggest taking some time out in this next week—if you haven't done so already—to lift your eyes to the possibilities of what can be achieved in the coming 12 -months, not just at a financial level but in all of life's realms. And then, when you have the various destinations (goals), set up some landmarks (milestones) with regular review dates, all of which will assist in keeping you focused and not getting lost along the way.

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