3 Reasons Why Goals Are Not Achieved - A Personal Perspective

Posted on December 14, 2016


At the end of every year, I take the time to reflect on the progress I made, both at a personal level and in my business. I list all the achievements, all the challenges – what was accomplished and that which was unmet. When I review the list I take note of the unmet goals asking myself “why?”

Here are a three realisations that might be useful

  1. They weren’t my goals Even though I wrote the goal down and I apparently desired to achieve it, it wasn’t ‘my’ goal. I was motivated by someone else’s goal e.g. my mentor earns $1,000,000 per annum so if he can do it so can I. I have also seen this corporately where goals are handed down from the top or someone who I respect says “you need to achieve this.” When there is no personal ownership there is no corresponding drive to fulfil that goal.
  2. The desire was faint As I have learned more about myself in respect to goal fulfilment I have come to understand that goals must represent something that I really really really want to achieve. The stronger the desire the more likely it will be ticked off at year’s end.
  3. Lack of discipline If I have someone else’s goal and my desire is slight, disciplined actions may or may not fulfil that goal. If however it is my goal and my desire is strong, discipline is more likely to follow and it will be a joy to work hard toward it. Sometimes though, we get sidetracked. Good ideas pop out from everywhere of which we sometimes follow, taking our eyes off our core annual objectives. Sometimes adjustment is needed yes, but often these good ideas caused undisciplined and unfocused actions toward goal fulfilment.

What Would I Really Like?

These days, when looking at the year ahead I ask myself “what would I really like?” The reason for this question is that it then becomes self-directed, not other-directed. It’s all about bringing it back to what interests me, what I would love to see at year’s end. This generates personal enthusiasm around creating a future that is important to me. The outcomes can be other centred in the sense that this year I will sign up to volunteer with the Salvation Army and help the homeless but firstly it must be derived from our personal drivers and interests.

Intrinsic Motivation

When I pursue things which interest me, that which fires my heart and my mind, motivation comes from within whereas if it is someone else’s goal or simply a good idea, being motivated to achieve the goal is a hell of a lot harder and generally, the objective remains unfulfilled at year’s end.

As you cast your eyes forward, see if you can catch those horizonal glimpses that spark something within your heart. If you've had unmet goals for years consider whether they were really your goals and if they weren't, don’t write them down for the year ahead. Create instead, a few goals that if achieved you will feel like a million dollars even though you may not have earned it in cash.

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